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    AEE advantage

    AEE advantage

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                                                                          Nine Advantages of AEE Company

    Capital advantage
        The controlling shareholder of Jingjie Energy Co., Ltd.'Liye Group'is a large-scale comprehensive financial

    investment enterprise group with strong financial strength to ensure the follow-up development of the project.

    The most advanced technology

         It is one of the earliest successful manufacturers of polymer lithium-ion batteries. It has been focusing on the

    research and production of polymer lithium-ion batteries. It has accumulated 10 years of technical experience. Power

    batteries also have 5 years of research and development and production experience. Battery preparation technology is

    the world's leading level.

    Power Battery Market Promotion is the Most Successful
        AEE occupies 20-30% of the power battery market in Europe, becoming the largest supplier, and its products can withstand customer inspection.

    Cooperate closely with many automobile manufacturers
        AEE has sent samples to many domestic automobile factories and some foreign automobile factories for testing.

    Modular design of batteries
        Through modular design, it can reduce the impact of the outside world on the battery, reduce the incidence of

    battery quality problems, improve the service life of the battery. The advanced BMS battery management system and

    MiniUSB interface can communicate with the computer, facilitate the maintenance of the battery and the monitoring

    of the internal working condition of the battery. The non-use state of the battery can be held up by a cap to prevent

    dust. The battery is easy to disassemble, and the cost of maintenance and maintenance is low. 。

    Battery consistency

       Strict control of process flow ensures the consistency of batteries, solves the problem of self-discharge consistency

    of batteries, and balances batteries through BMS battery management system.

    High Safety and Long Life of Batteries

      It can pass 1C/10V overcharge, with a life of 2000-3000 times and a safe driving distance of more than 150,000

    kilometers. To ensure the minimum probability of battery quality problems occurring, and to ensure the stability and

    safety that fully meet the requirements of automobiles.

    Advanced Energy has an International Team
        Have a strong development team. Technical Director, with nearly 10 years of experience in lithium battery

    development, leads a strong development team, constantly innovate, maintain competitive advantage, take the lead

    in the market with the fastest market change of innovative technology.

    High adaptability automation equipment
        Based on years of research and development and production experience, automation equipment independently or

    jointly with equipment manufacturers develops automation equipment specially for power battery production, which has strong applicability and guarantees the consistency and high production efficiency of power battery.